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Lines & Calls

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Simple to understand lines and calls packages – with brilliant customer service

Technology is always advancing, but however we choose to do it, making and receiving calls to connect with our colleagues, partners and customers remains as important as ever. Whatever the size of your business, Daisy is able to provide simple-to-understand lines and calls packages with cost-effective call routing options, highly-competitive tariffs, brilliant customer service and account management.

Business Single Lines & Call Packages

  • Value for money lines and calls packages

SIP Trunking

  • A flexible, lower cost alternative to ISDN lines for inbound and outbound voice calls. This allows your business to experience the benefits of a hosted solution without removing its legacy telephone equipment

Inbound numbers

  • Self-management and monitoring of your numbers through our MyAccount web portal


  • High-quality, tailored ISDN lines and calls with added business continuity options

Daisy Fraud Guardian

  • Our systems monitor, alert and protect your business from telecoms fraud

Break-Fix Maintenance

  • Robust and cost-effective maintenance on a range of voice and IT systems and hardware

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The type of line you need would depend on the size and nature of your business, we recommend:

  • Single business lines – for sole traders and small businesses spending less than two hours a day on the phone
  • ISDN – for small businesses needing up to 30 concurrent calls
  • SIP Trunking – for businesses wanting to benefit from inclusive local and national calls within their rental price and future-proofing their business with VoIP

The other alternative would be to consider fully hosted systems. Our Hosted Voice Select (HV.Select) product provides you with a telephone number, handset and all the functionality of a phone system all in one. To find out more please click here

We offer a number of services to overlay on top of your telephone line or SIP service to ensure you never miss a call. You could consider activating voicemail services, call forwarding to point your calls to your mobile, we can even bar calls from withheld number callers to ensure your lines are not tied up with nuisance calls.
You could consider purchasing an 0800 or 03 non-geographic number which you can point to your local number, giving you a more professional, nationwide image. We can also provide services over the top of this number such as call queuing, Integrated Voice Response (IVR) and various other call distributing options to give you additional inbound call support.
While ISDN remains a supported, reliable and robust telephony solution, you are limited to local telephone numbers and if you are considering an installation, costs can be quite high in comparison to cloud hosted SIP products. Daisy can provide you with the right connectivity to support SIP telephone lines, enabling you to move to VoIP technology whilst still retaining all the features of ISDN. To find out more please click here
Whether you have chosen ISDN or SIP, we can ensure that no matter what happens, your lines are always available. For ISDN we recommend Site Assurance which has two options. Option 1, when invoked this will point all calls to another number. Option 2, which is more robust, allows you to have a standby ISDN circuit which you can activate on request.

For SIP, we can offer standby endpoints which will automatically activate and process calls if your main SIP Trunk is unable to pass these calls to your site. We also offer active additional endpoints such as loadshare, to evenly distribute your calls or you can also set up diverse routing plans via the online SIP portal. You can also set up your main contact numbers as an inbound number to overlay on top of your SIP services, as well as using the online portal to set up predefined call routing plans to re-direct calls to alternative numbers or sites using the portal or app.

Using Daisy’s MyAccount portal you can set up alerts on numbers to monitor your spend.
You can choose to add Daisy Fraud Guardian, a service provided to monitor, alert and protect you against unnecessary financial exposure to telecoms fraud. Daisy receives call data records from its suppliers 24/7/365 at regular intervals throughout the day. The platform collects and imports this information and generates automated alerts which are analysed by our dedicated Fraud Team 24/7/365. In addition to call pattern analysis the team shall be entitled (but not obliged) to automatically suspend any line that reaches or exceeds a daily spend limit of £500, or any other daily spend limit for that line which may otherwise be specified on the order form.
Daisy offers a number of products which can benefit you financially when purchased together. Move both your business lines and business mobiles to Daisy and benefit from free calls to your business mobiles with the Daisy Duo tariff. We also offer inclusive calls to local, national and UK mobiles* across our different telephony solutions. To find out more please click here

*Subject to Fair Use Policy

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